Useful Selection Tips For OCTG Coatings

If your operations rely on OCTGs (oil country tubular goods) a lot, then it's a good idea to prevent corrosion as best you can. That's possible thanks to special coatings, which won't be that hard to choose if you take the following actions.

Determine What Your Products Will be Exposed To

In order to select the right coating that does a great job at preventing corrosion for a long time, you first need to think about where your OCTGs will be set up. What type of environment will they be exposed to every day?

If you know this, you can be more specific and strategic with the OTCG coating you ultimately choose. For instance, if your oil-related products will be around humid conditions, then it's paramount that the coating is resistant to water. Then corrosion won't be something you have to constantly worry about.

Review Research on Different Coating Products

You have access to several coatings for OCTGs, but in order to feel confident in this selection, you need to take a look at research for as many coating products as you can. Then you can see how they perform under different conditions.

This research on performance should be available online. You just need to look for coating manufacturers that have taken the time to study their coating products, providing helpful data throughout relevant tests. Then you can focus on coatings that provide the best corrosion resistance and ultimately help up the longest.

Consider a Multi-Layer Coating

If you want to have confidence that the coating that's applied to your OCTGs ends up holding up for a long time, then you might want to focus on coatings that have multiple layers. Then you'll have multiple layers of protection to rely on in terms of preventing corrosion from developing on these products over time.

Even if the initial layer on the exterior starts to break down, there will be another layer ready to provide corrosion resistance. You may pay more to have a multi-layer coat applied to these products, but the adequate protection you gain access to will be worth it ultimately.

OCTGs are susceptible to corrosion because of where and how they're set up, but you can do a great job at preventing it thanks to coatings. You just need to find a coating that has the right makeup and design. Then regardless of how you use OCTGs, corrosion won't be able to break them down prematurely and thus cost you a lot of money.