3 Benefits Of Using Magnetic Lifting Tools

If you need to move metal parts or products around your production line, then you might be looking at regular hoists and lifts. Before you decide how to move your items, you should also check out magnetic lifting tools.

These tools use magnets to pick up, move, and then release items. They have some benefits that could streamline your operations during this part of the production process. What are they?

1. Faster Lifting

If you use a regular lift or hoist to move your metal parts or products, then you'll have to attach each item to the device at the start of the process. You'll have to move the item and then take it off the hoist or lift when it reaches its destination.

This takes time. Someone will have to attach and detach each item individually. They'll have to make sure that items are balanced and secured so that they don't fall off the machine as they travel.

Magnetic lifting tools work faster. You simply position the magnet over the part or product you want to move. It automatically attaches when it is close enough to the metal. You demagnetize the holding plate to release the item when it is in the right place.

2. Less Damage

Regular lifts and hoists might damage the surface of metal parts and products. For example, chains or wires might leave scratches behind. In some cases, you might need to drill holes into a piece so that it can attach to a lift or hoist hook.

If you need your parts or products to be in perfect cosmetic shape, then magnetic lifting tools are a better option. They don't use chains, wires, or hooks to carry loads.

So, you can move your parts or products safely with the knowledge that they won't have any surface damage. You won't need to modify them to make them fit on a hook. You reduce the chances of movement or lifting damage.

3. Reduced Manpower Resources

You might need to put multiple workers on some metal lifting jobs if you use regular lifts or hoists. For example, you might need at least two people to get heavy or oddly-shaped loads onto and off a device.

One person can usually operate magnetic lifting tools on their own. They won't need to do any heavy lifting because the tool attaches automatically to the metal. You can even program some tools to work automatically without human input.

To find out more about these tools, contact magnetic lifting tool manufacturers or suppliers.