3 Reasons To Choose LED Panel Indicator Lights For Your Industrial Equipment

The pieces of equipment used in an industrial setting have a direct impact on the productivity and profitability of industrial processes. Caring for your industrial equipment is a vital part of managing your facility successfully.

One of the easiest ways that you can improve your equipment management program is by adding an indicator panel to each major machine. The indicator panel utilizes a series of lights to help alert you to potential problems with your equipment.

Monitoring the lights on the panel can help you spot issues before they become major malfunctions, which saves your company both time and money.

LED replacement lights are a great option for your indicator panels. Learn more about the benefits LED lights can offer when it comes to ensuring your indicator panels are functioning properly.

1. LED Panel Lights Are Durable

The specialized LED replacement bulbs that are manufactured for indicator panels are very durable. This characteristic is important when operating in an industrial setting. Your equipment can produce a lot of shock, vibration, and heat while in operation.

Regular bulbs are not built to withstand these elements. LED replacement bulbs feature a durable housing and lamp cover that will be able to withstand the daily abuse your industrial machinery can put out.

You will be able to reduce your costs and extend the amount of time between light changes when you make the switch to LED bulbs in your indicator panels.

2. LED Panel Lights Are Energy-Efficient

The overhead cost of running an industrial facility can be quite high. Many companies strive to make their processes as energy-efficient as possible in an effort to reduce overhead costs and generate more profit over time.

Although switching your traditional panel lights out for LED ones may seem like a simple task, it is one that can have a big impact on your industrial facility's energy consumption.

LED bulbs are renowned for their ability to deliver a high output of light while only drawing minimal current. In fact, LED bulbs use up to 85% less energy than their traditional counterparts. This efficiency makes LED replacement bulbs perfect for use in compact indicator panels.

If you are looking for an easy way to reduce your energy use, opt for LED replacement indicator panel bulbs in the future.

3. LED Panel Lights Are Versatile

The indicator panels that can be installed on industrial machinery come in many different styles. Some panels are quite simple, with only a few bulbs needed to populate the panel's display. Other panels are complex and require individual bulbs that correspond with multiple functions.

No matter how complex your indicator panels may be, LED replacement bulbs can meet your needs.

LED panel lights are extremely versatile. These lights come in a wide range of colors that allow you to customize the look of your indicator panel. By assigning a unique color to each of the functions your indicator panel is monitoring, you will be able to identify problems with your machinery with nothing more than a quick glance.

You can find LED panel lights in red, green, yellow, blue, and various tones of white. This versatility makes it simple to monitor and maintain your valuable pieces of industrial equipment over time. 

LED panel lights also come in a wide range of dome shapes and diameters. This means that you should be able to pair an affordable stock LED replacement bulb with any indicator panel design currently used in your industrial facility.

An indicator panel is only as good as the lights that are paired with the panel.

LED replacement bulbs offer a durable, energy-efficient, and versatile way to keep track of your machinery. For more information about different LED bulbs, like YuCo YC-22R-3 lights, contact a local dealer.