Properties Of A Mini Excavator That Make It A Must-Have Rental For Your Project

Whether your industrial processes specialize in construction projects, pipe laying projects, or other digging applications, you must invest in the right equipment for the job. As such, you have likely purchased equipment such as skid steers and crawlers to facilitate the excavation needs of your project. But this does not mean that you should overlook renting a mini excavator on a need-be basis.

The presumption that some industrialists make is assuming mini excavators are only suitable for residential projects when, in truth, this compact machinery is just as capable on commercial projects as it is on residential ones. If you have never given this equipment a chance, consider the following properties of a mini excavator that make it a must-have rental for your project.

A mini excavator will be highly suited for bustling worksites

In some scenarios, you may find that you need multiple workers on-site yet the space available is not sufficient enough to use large equipment, as there will be an increased risk of accidents. Rather than have to forgo personnel and consequently extend the project's timeline, you should consider renting a mini excavator for these types of projects.

The compact nature of mini excavators, coupled with their dexterity, makes them excellent at navigating worksites that have a substantial amount of human traffic. They do not take up a considerable amount of square footage. Moreover, rather than having separate equipment to haul supplies from one end of the site to another, the right accessories allow you to use the mini excavator for different functions.

A mini excavator will reduce your transport costs

A misconception that you may have about renting industrial equipment is thinking that you simply need to pay for the cost of having the equipment for a specific duration, but this is not true. An often overlooked expense of choosing to hire equipment is the transportation costs. Generally, the bulkier and heavier the equipment is, the costlier it will be to transport to your worksite. Thus, you end up making less money from the project's bottom line, but this does not have to be the case.

The second quality of mini excavators for industrial projects is their lightweight nature, making them much more cost-efficient to transport. It is also worth knowing that since this equipment is not as heavy as its standard-sized counterpart is, you can rest assured that a mini excavator will not cause extensive damage to the ground. You will not have to remediate the site once the project is complete.