Vacuum Parts: What You Need To Know

Vacuum parts are not interchangeable with any other brand of vacuums. They are made specifically to each brand and for each brand. For example, Windsor Sensor vacuum parts are only for the Windsor sensor vacuum. There are a few other things you should know about vacuum parts. 

New Parts Do Not Fit Old Vacuums and Vice Versa

Every time a vacuum manufacturer updates a vacuum model, it creates accompanying parts and accessories. These new parts and accessories will never work on the older vacuum models, and vice versa. That has a lot to do with marketing, but it also ensures that warranties on new vacuums are not voided when the wrong parts and accessories are forcibly installed or attached. 

You Cannot Salvage Old Vacuum Cords for New Vacuums

If you buy a new vacuum and you suddenly encounter a short in the cord of the new vacuum, you cannot salvage an old vacuum cord and use it to swap out the new vacuum cord. For one, the amps/volts may not be the same, and two, the wiring is likely very different. For example, if you have a cord you salvaged from a 1970's vacuum and you try to install it on a brand new vacuum you just bought last month, you are going to end up with a lot of electrical problems, if you do not get electrocuted first.

If the cord on your new vacuum appears to have a problem, contact the manufacturer of the vacuum first to get it repaired or to replace the whole vacuum. Likewise, you cannot take an old vacuum cord from an entirely different make and model of vacuum to install on this new and different make and model of vacuum. It just does not work, electrically speaking. 

Newer Vacuums Are Now Easier to Repair

The newer the vacuum, the easier it is to repair. Vacuum manufacturers have taken pointers from gun assembly lines. The vacuum manufacturers split their vacuums up into as few parts as possible, then make it really simple to break them down and rebuild them, just like gun companies and guns. If you pay close attention to how your vacuum is assembled, then you can do many of the repairs yourself. Otherwise, you will need to call the manufacturer/seller and ask for information on where to take the vacuum to have it maintained and repaired when it needs to be serviced.