Commercial Boiler Issues You May Encounter

Businesses can rely on their boilers for a variety of purposes ranging from heat to powering devices. This important role can make it extremely disruptive and costly when the boiler malfunctions. Being informed about the issues that a commercial boiler will be the most likely to experience can help you with preparing your business to respond quickly to boiler problems.

Lack Of Fuel

A lack of fuel can be a common source of performance problems for commercial boilers. Interestingly, this will rarely be the result of the business running out of fuel. Rather, it may be the result of the burner that ignites this fuel failing or becoming clogged. This will prevent the boiler from being able to burn enough fuel. As a result, the fuel supply should be one of the first things that is inspected when the system is failing to perform to your expectations.

Ruptured Pipes And Failed Seals

Ruptured pipes or seals can be among the most dangerous issues that can occur with the boiler. Often, these problems will occur as a result of the pipes and seals becoming weakened or the interior pressure of the system becoming too great for these components. If your boiler suffers a minor rupture, the system will need to be shut off until the rupture can be sealed.

Low-Quality Water

A boiler that is supplied with low-quality water can experience regular performance problems and malfunctions. For example, low-quality water will often have high amounts of sediments, minerals and other contaminants in it. Using a water filter will remove these substances so that the water's quality can be increased as much as possible. However, it should be noted that you may need an industrial capacity filter as commercial boilers will have much higher water needs than residential models.

Exceeding The Capacity Of The System

Exceeding the capacity of the boiler can pose a number of serious problems. An immediate issue will be that the boiler is unlikely to provide enough heat or steam. Furthermore, exceeding this capacity can greatly increase the pressure in the system, which can put it at risk of suffering a potentially explosive rupture. Furthermore, excessive pressure can cause extreme wear on the mechanical parts of the boiler. Most boilers will have a meter on them that can be used to monitor the internal pressure of the system so that you can be sure to avoid exceeding its capacity. As an additional safety precaution, some boilers can have alarms that will sound when the system's pressure starts to reach dangerous levels.

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