How To Truly Appreciate The Magnificent LED Penlight

Penlights at one time were those little flashlight-like things that doctors carried in their pockets to test pupil dilation and check patients' throats. They were somewhat bulky because they required full-sized batteries, and the batteries were constantly burning out. Now, you have LED penlights, which are operated by a couple of tiny watch batteries. To truly appreciate just how far these mini flashlights have come, take a look at some of their most useful uses. 

See into the Cracks of Furniture

It is nearly impossible to find anything when it slips down in the cracks of your couch or recliner. It is even worse when you drop something between the seats of your car. Sure, you could use your phone's flashlight application, but can you hold your phone in your teeth, shine the light on the cracks, and still see what is there? With an LED penlight, you can. You can hold the end in your teeth to free up your hands, and you can still see into the cracks without the penlight getting in the way.

Leave the Dome Light off and Still Read Your Map

If you have to pull over at night and check a map, usually you turn on your dome light or your vanity lights. That tends to attract a lot of attention from police and some people who are just passing by. With the penlight, you can leave the dome light off. You can leave the vanity lights off too (they do not really help you see a map well in the dark anyway). The LED brightness of this slim little gadget shines more than enough light on your map without drawing attention.

Inspections into Dark Places

A penlight can shine into the darkest of nooks and crannies. Given the number of spider species and other unpleasant creatures that hide out in the dark, you would much rather shine a light in there first. Additionally, shining a light into dark nooks and crannies will help you see things you could not see, even if you had an overhead light turned on full blast. Police officers, HVAC technicians, plumbers, safety inspectors, and about a dozen other careers could really benefit from this fact.

Night Fishing or Shallow Diving in Muddy Waters

Many penlights are made to be waterproof. They can be dropped into water a few inches to a few feet, without any resulting damage or malfunction. If you go night fishing or shallow diving into muddy waters, the penlight can help you see into the water even when submerged.