Summer Is Over: 3 Steps To Put Your Pool To Bed For The Winter

Winter is here. It's time to shut down the pool until spring. If this is your first year caring for a swimming pool, you might be familiar with the process of shutting down a pool. If you want to have a clean pool in the spring, you can't simply walk away from it in the winter. If you do that, you'll end up with an algae-ridden pool that will probably require you to empty it and start from scratch. Avoid the time and expense of a springtime cleanup by following the simple steps provided here.

Stop the Algae Growth

The best way to prevent algae growth is to stop it before it can bloom. As soon as you're ready to shut down your pool for the winter, you should add an algaecide. Wait until the last day of swimming to add it, though. That way you're not trying to swim in a pool that's filled with chemicals. Clean the pool one final time and then add the algaecide. Allow the pump to run at full circulation for about 24 hours. After the 24 hours, turn the pump off and prepare for winterization.

Protect the Pipes

If you live in a region that experiences freezing temperatures, you want to be sure that the pipes and pump are protected. Drain the water from your pump and pipes. Place a cover over the inlet and outlet valves. Drain your pool to a level that's about 6" below the skimmer line. This will ensure that water doesn't seep back into the pipes and pump. Your pool's circulation system is now protected against winter freeze. Be sure to refill your pool in the spring.

Keep Your Pool Covered

As soon as you've treated your pool with algaecide and drained some of the water, you'll need to place the cover on it. Your cover will serve two important purposes during the winter. First, it will keep leaves and other debris from contaminating the pool. Second – and most importantly – it will prevent animals and small children from falling in the pool while it's unattended. It's a good idea to inspect your cover at least once a month while it's not in use. If you see signs of damage, you should get it replaced as soon as possible. For maximum protection against accidental drownings during the winter, you should install a pool alarm. These floating devices alert as soon as the water is disturbed.

Now that the cold weather is here, it's time to put your pool to bed for the winter. Use the tips provided here to winterize your swimming pool. For other tips on how to safeguard your pool this winter, be sure to speak to a pool service provider such as Speck Pumps.