3 Reasons to Switch to Heating Oil This Winter

When it comes to heating your home, you have multiple options available. Most common, of course, are heaters that run off of gas or electricity. But if your old heater is starting to break down, and you need a replacement, know that you don't have to get the same type that you have now. In fact, there is an entirely different method of heating that you might not have considered up to this point: heating oil. Here are three reasons why you might want to make the switch to heating oil this winter.

More Friendly to the Environment

If you are looking to significantly lower your family's environmental footprint, switching to heating oil to keep yourself warm is a great start. Heating oil is generally considered to be a "clean fuel," meaning it doesn't send out bad emissions when it is burned. Contrast this with say, natural gas, which is made out of methane, and you can quickly see why heating oil is the way to go.

More Options to Help You Keep the Price Down

If you are getting heat from a traditional utility company, there might not be that many other options available to you in your neighborhood. But heating oil can be sourced from just about anywhere. You could get the oil with a local company or even order it online. You can search for a company that offers the best rate or perhaps the most convenient delivery options. Heating oil does tend to fluctuate in price as well based on the time of year, and that means you could stock up when the price is low during the summer and be set for the entire next year.

More Ability to Get Fired Up Quickly

The flame generated by most heating oil is quite strong and gives off immense heat immediately. If you were out of the house all weekend and had the heat turned off, heating oil will allow you to quickly heat a room up from frigid temperatures. Compare that with electric-based heat, with which you usually have to wait at least a little while for the heater to really get going.

If you are looking for another option to keep your family warm this winter, take a look at heating oil. Heating oil is economical because you can purchase it from more places than you can get gas or electric heating from. It's also more friendly to the environment than gas and can quickly get your entire home warmed up on demand. For more information, contact a heating-oil company today.