The Homeowner's Guide To Safely Using A Scaffold Rental

Whether it's hanging intricate holiday decorations, cleaning your windows or performing a simple repair, a scaffold can come in handy. Since this isn't a piece of equipment the average homeowner has on hand, renting a scaffold is typically the next step. Before setting up your rental, make sure you know how to use the unit safely.

Transport With Care

Ensure that you are transporting the scaffolding rental with care. Failure to do so can jeopardize its structural integrity, increasing the risk of an accident. Always store the unit with each frame resting flat and place the braces, planks, and wheels on the very top or in another area to ensure they aren't bent during transport.

If you have limited space, it's much better to transport the unit in multiple trips rather than trying to cram it into a small space as even the slightest bend in the frame can make the unit less stable.

Remember The Three-Point Rule

When navigating up and down the scaffold, always keep the three-point rule in mind. This rule is basically a guideline by which you should grip the scaffold when you are trying to climb up or down the unit.

As part of this guideline, you should have both hands and one foot on the unit at all times. By maintaining this stance, you keep a solid grip on the structure, but most importantly, you keep your weight balanced. Failure to balance your weight can cause the scaffold to topple over and land right on top of you.

Survey The Land

Before setting up your rental, take a few moments to survey the land. It is imperative that the area where you will be working on the scaffold is level. If it is not, you will need to construct a base to help support it.

The best material for building a leveling base is wood as it's strong and durable, yet it has some flexibility which can help ensure a more even weight distribution. It's best to perform this step before you even secure the rental so that you can prepare the base ahead of time and not waste some of your rental time doing so.

The more you focus on safety, the less the risk of an accident. Before climbing on the scaffold, make certain you double check its integrity, properly prepare the working area, and know how to safely navigate up and down the unit. For more information, contact companies like Savage Scaffold & Equipment Co.