The Benefits Of Using Cold Rolled Steel In Your Manufacturing Process

If you are a contractor looking to build something with steel, you have a decision to make when it's time to create or purchase the materials you will need. Should you go with cold rolled steel or hot rolled steel? Hot rolled steel in general is known to be easier to work with and typically costs less but cold rolled steel also has some benefits you might not have thought about. Here are three reasons why you might want to go with cold rolled steel for your next project.

Cold Rolled Steel Is Stronger

Cold rolled steel is simply stronger than hot rolled steel. The reason why is because heat naturally weakens steel. In general, it is estimated that cold rolled steel is about 20 percent stronger than hot rolled steel of the same size. This is important information if you are planning on using the steel to support something, like the steel beams that serve as the foundation for something else. This extra peace of mind may well be worth the extra money it will cost.

A Smooth Finish

What does the steel in your car and the steel on certain parts of your home's exterior have in common? Both are likely made from cold rolled steel because cold rolled steel simply looks better when it is in its finished state. The better surface finish is also a better choice even for steel support beams if part of the beam will be exposed to the public. Hot rolled steel tends to have a rougher, much more jagged look, and is best used on part's of the project that will be hidden from view when everything is finished.

More Precision

If you are going to be creating your own steel for your upcoming project, cold rolled steel may be the way to go simply because it is easier to get it into the precise dimensions that you want. This is because it has already gone through the cooling process before you got to it. When you work with hot rolled steel, you might have to heat it up multiple times to finally get it into the shape that you want. Cold rolled steel also creates less waste than hot rolled for this same reason.

Whether you are manufacturing your own steel or purchasing from a third party, cold rolled steel has several advantages over hot rolled. If you are using the steel for any public facing project, the cold rolled variety simply looks better. For more information, contact a steel supplier.