Preventing Holiday Plumbing Nightmares

You can spend weeks preparing for the holidays. Everything can be perfect. The food is great; the family has arrived, and suddenly, your plumbing stops working. Nothing you do after that point can save your holiday gathering. If you want to prevent this type of problem, you need to take precautions now.

Septic Tank

If you are on a septic tank system, you need to have it checked and possibly pumped before the holidays, especially if you haven't had it inspected for a while. When your septic tank is full or clogged, it can easily back up into your basement, potentially flooding your home with sewage just as the turkey comes out of the oven. When that happens, you have to stop using the plumbing in order to prevent more sewage from coming inside. That development will send your guests home in a hurry. Scheduling septic tank maintenance now can prevent a holiday-destroying incident later.


If your plumbing system is clogged or slow, it can make for an embarrassing family gathering. You can get your pipes in shape before the holidays by calling your plumber and having them snake the drain. This course of action is preferable to using chemical drain products frequently because they tend to slowly eat away at your pipes, forcing you to pay for expensive repairs and possible pipe replacement. Paying a professional to clear out the gunk is well worth the cost, especially when you can avoid a holiday plumbing problem.

Garbage Disposal

If your garbage disposal goes down during the holidays, it can make everything more difficult. To ensure that it is running well, you can do a bit of preventative maintenance. Experts suggest that you run your disposal regularly to prevent it from locking up. Also, you can run the disposal with a little dish washing soap to keep it clean, which keeps food particles from jamming the blades. If your garbage disposal tends to smell, you can throw a lemon in there occasionally to freshen the system. Obviously, if your system is already acting up, get it repaired now before you begin all your cooking and baking. 

Holiday dinners can be wonderful events, full of family togetherness and simple good times. A plumbing disaster can certainly cast a pall on the proceedings, even causing you to cancel in some situations. You can prevent these problems by taking action now. Make certain that your septic system is in good shape as well as your pipes and disposal. Then relax and enjoy the season.